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A word from our Lead Pastors


It is our pleasure to invite you to Lancaster Christian Academy! We could

not be more excited about the opportunities that await your children at LCA.

Serving this incredible ministry for nearly two decades, we believe that

Lancaster Christian Academy is uniquely poised to be a national leader in

private Christian education. At the core of our educational leadership role is

our mission:

Lancaster Christian Academys mission is to make Jesus famous in the

lives of our students by building intentional, Christ-centered relationships

and fostering a safe environment where Biblical standards of living are

celebrated and meaningful learning takes place. 

While we certainly supersede and rank above the state educationally, our

school blends the need for academic, social, emotional, mental, and

spiritual development. Our program intentionally seeks out opportunities for

students to grow holistically, and we find greater success in the realm of

academics when students are thriving in all aspects of their development. 

Our Bible classes and chapels center around relevant, age-appropriate

topics in a setting that is fun and relatable to both children and teens

respectively. We are consistently looking for windows of opportunity and

teachable moments in hopes to point the students to Jesus!

We are a college preparatory school. This means that the goal of preparing

our students to be successful in college and in life is central to our

academic program. As such, we hold our students and teachers

accountable to an unwavering high standard of excellence. Our teachers

work hard to guarantee success providing a loving and nurturing

environment in which our students receive the support they need to be


Not only are we known for academic excellence (especially with our high

ACT scores), but we are also known for our national championship-winning

sports teams. Our athletic department offers a variety of opportunities to

children as young as kindergarten, and we have been very successful in

sending student-athletes to Christian colleges on athletic scholarships.

Our Arts Department never disappoints in bringing stellar productions and

opportunities for students to shine in art, drama, and music. If your child

plays an instrument, we would love to have them be a part of our chapel


Investigating the unique programs and exceptional opportunities offered

within the realm of private Christian education can be very exciting. We

hope to be able to meet and speak with you about Lancaster Christian

Academy! Being a family-owned and operated school affords us the ability

to protect the heart, vision, and integrity of our program and nurture kids of

all ages in their development, growth, and relationship with Jesus!


Our friendly staff is here to serve you, and we hope that you will join our

eclectic school community. It is our desire that you will find our environment

to be joyful, academically challenging, and ultimately a fun place where

kids of all ages grow in the Lord!

Great things are happening here!

Under His Grace,

Kevin and Shari O’dea

Owners/Lead Pastors

Lancaster Christian Academy

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