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Ordering Hot Lunch Online

To order hot lunch for your child, go to:

  1. Click on "Create an Account" and enter requested information

  2. The email address entered is your log-in

  3. Password is case sensitive; choose one that is easy to remember

  4. Choose security question from drop-down menu & make note of your answer

  5. Click on create my account

You are then directed to the home page. We suggest you add this site to your favorites for easy access.

Next Step

  1. Click on "Student" tab.

  2. Select "Create New Student".

  3. Enter the STUDENTS information (Name, Grade, School)

  4. Select "Add New Student"

  5. Repeat the above process for additional students

Ordering Hot Lunch

  1. Select the "Order Meals" tab

  2. Select student's name from the blue drop down menu located at the top right side of the page

  3. Select the meal(s) listed on the day(s) you wish to purchase and then click "Add to Cart"

  4. After selecting lunches, scroll to the bottom of the calendar and click "Review Order"

  5. After reviewing your shopping cart click on "Pay Now"

  6. Click on "Add Your First Payment Profile" and complete requested information

  7. After entering payment profile click on "Submit Payment" and your order is processed

  8. Once ordering is complete, please return to your account to verify your order has been placed correctly!

  9. To view or change your order, go to the "Order" tab


If your child forgets their lunch, their money, or lunch has not been ordered, the school front office will reach out to parents by phone for approval to purchase a "Charge Card" or Hot Lunch. If a "Charge Card" is issued, your FACTS account will be charged $22 or you may pay with a credit card. In the case we are unable to reach a parent, your child will be served a Hot Lunch and you are billed $5.00 per lunch.

A "Charge Card" may be purchased on campus with cash or credit card, in advance by calling

(615.223.0451, option 3 for Director of Finance, or by sending an email to with permission to bill your FACTS account.

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